Improving overall farm profit through an intensive and detailed production management system

About ProTech Partners

ProTech Partners is a division of Frick Services, headquartered in Wawaka, Indiana.  Premier Crop and ProTech Partners share the vision of assisting growers in creating real value from their GEO referenced agronomic data and converting that data to knowledge supporting increased production.   Our services are outstanding for both the food production needed and for the environment. What makes us different, you ask?  Our expert advisors recognize exactly where there is potential by closely analyzing all inputs of the data.  Here at ProTech, we have cutting edge service.  We fulfill our contract above and beyond the expectations of our customers.  From the way we analyze the data, how we present the results to our customers, and create the most accurate prescriptions for them. Because we are our own self supported entity; this gives our customers the confidence, trust, and good relationships with local support and services.  Our team focuses on building great customer relationships along with knowing your farm and fields.

Our History

In the early 2000s ProTech was developed at the same time as Premier Crop Systems.  ProTech was constructed for many of the same reasons as Premier Crop and the proprietary software it composed and continues to establish. Premier Crop systems developed this software, which ProTech has access to, for use with grower data to increase their production. As one of the founding partners of Premier Crop, it was designed to address the need to advance production agriculture beyond the "one size fits all approach."  Traditional production agriculture methods seemed to be too consistent. Being, to apply the same amount of inputs across the field and not recognizing the significant variability that exists in each field.  ProTech knew that there was a significant fickleness and this needed to be acknowledged.  ProTech also recognized that all agronomy is local and decisions need to be made per the local conditions and production capabilities.  Since, ProTech has always focused on having the local trusted adviser who understands what is happening on his customer's farm and proceeds to make recommendations accordingly.

Mission & Values

Our mission at ProTech Partners is to provide growers with increased production through comprehensive data analysis, while maintaining their profitability and sustainability.

At ProTech Partners we value our customer's time, needs, and expectations and strive to better our services, our staff, work ethic, and production.



Brian, has been with ProTech since 2003.  He is a graduate from Purdue University with an Bachelors Degree in Agriculture.  One of his favorite past-times is fishing, not only locally, but throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, Tennessee, & Canada. His wife and son are at the top of his list!  He loves hanging out with them especially when doing activities outdoors.  He cannot wait until he can teach his son how to fish.


Trusted Adviser / Agronomist

Brandon has grown up on a grain farm in Northern Indiana his whole life.  He graduated from IPFW in 2010 and has been working for ProTech Partners since 2007.  He enjoys anything outdoors.  His favorite time of year is the summer and fall when out field scouting and soil sampling.  He loves to play jokes on people and get others to laugh.


Agronomist / Tech Support

Brian is great with heading up the soil moisture sensors and our go to guy for technical support.  He graduated from Purdue in 1993.  Brian is married with two awesome children, a boy and a girl.  Who are both very active in basketball which in turn keeps him busy!  Anything involved with the out doors is where you will find him especially fishing or during hunting season.  He got a world class deer in 2004!


Trusted Adviser / Agronomist

Adam joined the ProTech team in the Spring of 2001.  He graduated with his Bachelors in Agronomy from Purdue University along with earning his CCA.  In his spare time, he can be lost fishing the lakes.


Adviser / Soil Sampling Coordinator

Matt has been with ProTech since 2001 after graduating from Purdue University.  He received his degree in Agriculture Systems Management.  Matt enjoys bow hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family. Matt and his wife met on blind date that was set up by two former employees of New Energy Corp.


Data Entry

Randy has been with us since 2008.  He is a retired agriculture teacher of 40 years.  He cannot think of anything more fun than being a grandfather.  Secondly, fishing with his sons and the unique ability to get hung up in weeds, get caught on snags, and wedged between rocks; especially when fishing with his sons.  Except for a couple years in the military, he has been associated with agriculture and farming his entire life!


Data Management Support

Elise grew up on a small grain & livestock farm in NE Indiana.  She graduated with a degree in Agri-Business Management in 2011 and joined the ProTech team in 2013.  She is a leader of two 4-H clubs in her county and other committees, which consumes most of her spare time.  If she had her choice, her free time would be spent practicing her golf swing, kayaking the rivers of NE Indiana, or putting around on her 1937 B John Deere.



Kimberly began working with ProTech in October 2016. She has a BS in Agronomy from Purdue and will be completing her MS in Seed Technology and Business at Iowa State University in May 2017. Kimberly grew up on her family's farm in Newton county, Indiana and previously worked in seed production. In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys garden tractor pulling with her husband and spending time with family and friends.


Agronomic Business / Marketing

Nate Brown graduated from Purdue University in 2011 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Agronomic Business and Marketing.  Nate, with his love for the outdoors, agriculture, technology, and data came to Vision Ag, Inc. in September of 2012.  Previous to this move, Nate spent a couple years working in the industry dealing primarily with Agronomy and precision agricultural equipment.  After discussions with the owners of Vision Ag and Frick's, the founders of the Protech Partners program, Nate found a home.  Nate, in his initial year at Vision Ag, started a partnership with Protech and is now offering their program, with his analysis.  Nate, and the entire Vision Ag team, can now apply their current knowledge of precision agriculture to a receptive group of local producers in a business environment committed to the use of technology and data to drive future agronomic decisions.  Vision Ag, Inc. is a full service fertilizer, chemical, seed, and feed retailer that offers Farm Management and Precision Ag services in Rensselaer, Indiana.