Improving Agronomic Profitability through ProTech Analysis


Brian Salomon

Broad Acres - Churubusco, IN

Brian farms about 2,500 acres in NE Indiana.  He joined ProTech in 2001 mainly for the benefits of variable rate.  "I could put everything in one basket and I didn't want to take the time to do it.  Also, they are not tied to retail."  Brian likes working with the ProTech staff, "I feel they have the right people in place for the job. ProTech has gotten me ahead of my nitrogen management and variable rate populations.  I would recommend ProTech.  With the database they have, you cannot compare."


D & R Farms & Sons - Larwill, IN

Denny has grown up on a farm his whole life and has been farming full-time since 1980.  He farms about 2,000 acres along with his son Tyler who helps him full-time and his other son who works with him part-time.  He joined ProTech back in the early 2000s.  Denny said, "I wanted to up the bottom line, save money in the long term, and the variable rate was also attractive."  He enjoys working with the ProTech staff.  He said, "They are close to home and always available to answer questions."  "There have been some cases that ProTech has walked our fields (every 2 weeks) and found weed problems that we would have never caught or caught in time and they were taken care of immediately."  "All of the information that they have acquired on our ground throughout the years, test they have done, and all of the reputable knowledge they have provided us has improved our crops, yield, and fertility."

Al Osterlund

Whiteshire - Hamroc Farms - Albion, IN

After moving to Indiana in '72, Al started farming on his own in the mid-70s.  In the late 70s, after meeting his partner Lemmon, he started working with cross-bred boars.  By that time, the field work was growing rapidly.  Whiteshire- Hamroc was then formed in the mid-1990s and gradually went from 1,000 acres to the 4,000 acres it is today.   They joined ProTech in 2001 and "By the second year I could start to see the benefits immediately."  Al said, "ProTech has helped improve our management skills, made us much more aware of issues we have in production, verified things that we thought were good or bad, long-term record keeping and manure application.  The ProTech guys really care about what they are doing and have the best interest of the producers at heart.  They are always willing to learn and they love what they do.  I would definitely recommend using ProTech."